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Refractory Thyroid Tumors

Medical specialists in the management of refractory thyroid cancers,
locally advanced and metastatic cancers resistant to standard treatment.




cercle coordinateurCoordinators Center

cercle competenceCompetence Center

cercle affilieAffiliated Center

centre Tuthyref

 ENDOCAN is the French national network for the management of endocrine cancers, accredited by the National Cancer Institute.logo inca institutcancer

The ENDOCAN-TUTHYREF network (Tumeurs de la THYroîde REFractaire ) is the national network dedicated to the management of refractory thyroid cancers, including locally advanced or metastatic and iodine-131 refractory differentiated cancers (papillary, vesicular, and poorly differentiated), anaplastic cancers, and locally advanced or metastatic medullary thyroid cancers.

The mission of the ENDOCAN-TUTHYREF network is to improve the management of refractory thyroid cancers national territory through various means:

  • A network of medical centers specialized in the management of thyroid cancers located throughout metropolitan and overseas territories (see map).
  • Regional Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings (PCM, Pluridisciplinary Consultation Meeting) in different expert centers of the network and a bi-monthly national Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting to discuss cases requiring national multidisciplinary expertise and facilitate access to innovative therapies.
  • A national network of expert anatomo-pathologists in the histological diagnosis of thyroid cancers (ENDOCAN-path).
  • A national anonymized clinical database to better understand the evolution of refractory thyroid cancers through various retrospective studies.
  • Human resources: secretaries, national clinical research associate (ARC), regional ARCs, a coordinator physician in each network center, and a steering and scientific committee of the network.
  • Education activities for healthcare professionals at the national and regional levels, as well as the organization of annual scientific and administrative network days.
  • Collaboration with patient associations and initiatives to raise awareness about refractory thyroid cancers.

If you have refractory thyroid cancer, you can find of the expert center closest to you center on this website, along with information or contacts that may be helpful in understanding your condition.

Best regards,
Prof. Françoise Borson-Chazot and Dr. Julien Hadoux